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Messy Success Episode 19 – Unlocking Opportunity

Questions Answered in this Episode

  • Are you waiting for something?  What is the first step to stop WAITING on more time or more money??
  • How can we unlock MORE opportunity in our life and business?

Show Notes

What’s stopping you? What are the things that are stopping you from moving forward in any part of your life? It’s not just about business! Whether it’s getting to the gym or attending that educational conference or making more time for friends – what is stopping you? What if it’s money??

Disclaimer: these are my opinions. There is no right or wrong way to run a business. These are just the things that have worked for me!

Investing In Your Business

You need to spend money to make money is a cliche, but in so many ways, it’s true! Investing in yourself is investing in your business. If you’re at home and you’re trying to grow your business all by yourself, it’s going to be so much harder than if you invest in workshops and classes for education and networking purposes. Investing time and money into education and nurturing relationships is going to make a huge impact in growing your business. Let’s talk about what we can do first to stop waiting on more time or more money so you can see results so much faster.

Relationships Unlock Opportunity

So what are you doing to step outside your comfort zone to make and foster those relationships? Sometimes, it takes investing in opportunities like workshops to make relationships and meet people. It’s going to help you grow more than waiting for people to come to you. We have to go after it! We need actual humans who believe in us.


  • Did you finally bite the bullet and register for something? Tell me!
  • Stop telling yourself that you’re waiting for something – whether it’s more money or more time. Just do the thing! Make it happen.

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