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Messy Success Episode 32: The Secret to Going Full Time

Questions Answered in this Episode

  • So, how DO you go from side hustle to full time entrepreneur?

One of my Shine the Light students recently asked if I could do a podcast episode on the secret to going full time entrepreneur and I thought that was a great idea! Even though I’ve shared parts of that process throughout the years, I’ve learned so much over the past year. The advice that I’m going to give in this episode is different from the advice I would have given even six months ago!

A lot of the tips I’m going to share with you are things that I was doing subconsciously or instinctively (including some advice from that I got from Google back in the day!), but these are the things that I’ve realized entrepreneurs need to go full time.

Tip #1: Decide When You’re Going to Quit Your Day Job and Go Full Time

Stop living in the land of “some day!” If you keep saying “some day I’d like to go full time with this business,” you’re never going to make the jump. In order to make this a reality, you have to have a plan. What do you need to have a plan? Some kind of idea of when you’d like to quit your day job. Otherwise, it will keep just being some day.

What’s the worst part thing that happens if you don’t make that date? You move it and set a new date! As long as you are working toward that goal with an idea of when you’d like to go full time, you’re just much more likely to do the things you need to do to quit your day job and focus on your business full time.

Tip #2: Act Like You’re Already a Full-Time Entrepreneur

Something that I have learned from James Wedmore is that if you want to be something, if you want to be a full-time entrepreneur, if you want to have your own business, you have to act like you are already that person.

This has been huge for me in my transition from wedding photographer to creative coach. I’ve decided that I don’t want to be shooting weddings in my forties, so because I have that date in mind (see tip #1), I’m already starting to transition my business and make changes to how I show up for my business so that I’m moving towards this goal. We have to show up as the person we want to be before we are that person.

Talk to yourself like you’re already a successful, full-time entrepreneur!

Tip #3: What Number is Going to Make You Comfortable?

Let’s talk about money. What amount of money is going to make you comfortable enough to quit your day job? That’s your goal.

For me, that goal was $10,000. When I made the decision to go full time, every time I booked a wedding, that money went into savings. Once I got to $10,000, I knew I felt comfortable taking the risk of quitting my day job at that point.

Don’t forget to think about things like health insurance, too. Having a plan for how you’re going to address these little things that a full-time job can give you the confidence to finally move forward.

Tip #4: Follow the Momentum

Sometimes, our businesses are in a groove. We’re doing well, business is leading to more business. When this happens – lean into it! Follow that momentum. This can be huge for your business and timing is important. If you feel your business having growth spurts, it might be a good time to make the jump. (Thanks, Google! I learned this advice when I googled “what do you need to go full time in your business” back in the day!)


You can do this! You just need a plan. Following these tips can help get you there.


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