I Don’t Like the Way My Wife Organizes the Dishes into the Dishwasher I don’t like the way my wife organizes the dishes into the dishwasher. She doesn’t maximize space. Sometimes I open the door to load it up and am completely flustered by the one dirty plate sitting directly in the middle of the […]

2017 wedding season is upon us!  I’m so so excited to announce the team members for this year!  I know this is going to be a great year with some amazing women by my side.  Two years ago I made the decision to have a “team” rather than hiring outside help for each wedding.  It […]

Consistent Editing will take you to the NEXT LEVEL //  A Color Study We ALL have those photographers that we follow…. we know their work before we even see a watermark or their name.   We ALL strive for this consistency.  There is a space in time where a photographer goes from simply being “a […]

Oh my goodness.  So a lot of y’all are going to recognize Chynna!  I have been working with her for years now.  First she was my student when I was teaching art, then she modeled for me for a few different workshops, THEN she actually did hair for one of my clients, and NOW she’s […]

I’m so excited to share my mentoring experience with the sweetest lady on the planet!  Emily Gibby from elovephotos is simply amazing!   I can’t believe that we actually worked together THREE times!   I’m going to share a little bit of our journey together with you! Emily and I had our first mentoring session […]

Elizabeth reached out to me a few months ago to see if I could come and take some special pictures of their sweet fur baby Daisy.   Daisy does not have much time left and she wanted to capture some special memories.   While pet photography is not something I would consider my “specialty” by […]

February being a short month has thrown me for a loop!   How is it March 1st today?  AND how in the world is my baby about to be a YEAR this month! This is my second month reflecting back and pulling together a recap.  Once again I’m pleasantly surprised with all that I accomplished, […]