How I deal with Creative Overwhelm There is so much snow outside this morning!  I’m a little worried that it is way more ice than snow, and Gracie’s hopes and dreams of building a snowman are not going to pan out just right.   As many of you know I am very much a creative […]

Favorite Kisses of 2017 – Elizabeth Henson Photos Here we are with our FOURTH year putting together this blog post!  The first time I did it in 2014, I really didn’t know or plan on it being a post that I did every year.  But everyone seems to love it, and I really enjoy looking […]

What to get your photography loving friend, family member, or pal for the Holidays!! If you are anything like our family, you still have some shopping to do.   Well if you have a spouse, friend, or family member who is a photography lover I polled my friends and we put together a fun little list […]

Anna & Ali had the most FUN wedding Saturday at The Water Table in Virginia Beach!  Right away when I started getting emails from Anna I knew that I was going to adore this couple!  She was hilarious from the jump!  Then we met for coffee and had the best time and I was even […]

Hannah & Ben are SO cute!  We shot their engagement session back in October, but I have been hoarding their pretty images for the blog 🙂  I’m so excited to finally share some of my favorites from their engagement session.  Hannah and Ben are super inspiring with their love for fitness and their fur babies!  […]

I know I have mentioned my pal and mentor Reina before.   Well we just wrapped out round 1 of Social Glue Sessions!   Of course, her Reina did not disappoint!  I could go on and on about the things I learned or my “take aways”…. all of the amazing collaboration, and really OPPORTUNITY that Social Glue gave […]

I can’t believe 2017 is almost over!!   I’m really excited about 2018 and I have been putting together a easy list on all the ways to shop, save, and even earn with EHP these last few weeks!  I have goodies for clients, photographers, and Hampton Roads creatives.  **WEDDINGS REFERRALS!   We are working on our 2018 […]