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5 Reasons you need a Wolfpack – masterminds for photographers Studies show you should have 5 people in your life that you can dive deep and talk business with.  Five people who understand you, lift you up, and make you better.  My husband read that and related it to golf.  He started naming off his […]

I know I have mentioned my pal and mentor Reina before.   Well we just wrapped out round 1 of Social Glue Sessions!   Of course, her Reina did not disappoint!  I could go on and on about the things I learned or my “take aways”…. all of the amazing collaboration, and really OPPORTUNITY that Social Glue gave […]

I love Instagram. I REALLY DO.   It is my favorite app, I spend a ton of time there. And with all the new features it is becoming even more fun. But I have a huge gripe about IG and I know I can’t be the only one feeling this way.   So I want to share […]

People are often fooled by my confidence.  Shocked when I admit my insecurities.   I struggle with all of the same things that most women in business do.   One of those things I want to talk about today is popularity.    See I found myself trying to fit in with amazing wildly successful YOUNG […]

  I spent some time recently taking a look at my Instagram on Iconosquare and checking out who I follow, who follows me, etc.  I did a little cleaning house, not much.   But I kinda realized that there are 3 types of people who I follow on social media.  Maybe I’m different from most, […]