Show Notes This week is my holiday gift guide for the entrepreneurs in your life! Last year I did a Gift Guide for Photographers and it was a huge hit, so this year, I’m excited to share my favorite gift for any kind of entrepreneur. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a mom with a side hustle, […]

  Listen on iTunes  Show Notes Today is a special episode! I’m so excited to talk about my Shine the Light Challenge, which I’ll be hosting for the second time on Facebook. Before I launched the podcast, I did this challenge in May and it was a huge hit. I’m so pumped to launch this […]

Questions Answered in this Episode Are you waiting for something?  What is the first step to stop WAITING on more time or more money?? How can we unlock MORE opportunity in our life and business? Show Notes What’s stopping you? What are the things that are stopping you from moving forward in any part of […]

Questions Answered in this Episode How can you make the most out of your first year in business?   Show Notes This actionable episode, I share 3 tips for your first year in business. These are three things that I did when I started my photography business in 2013 that I truly feel like were […]

Questions Answered in this Episode What’s the most important thing when creating an online community? How can you differentiate yourself when there are other people doing something similar? Show Notes This week, I’m speaking with Tatiana Hill of Teal Eagle Boutique! I’ve known Tatiana for a long time – in fact, she was one of […]