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Questions Answered in this Episode How did I launch the Messy Success Podcast? How did my community contribute to the success of Messy Success? Show Notes People regularly ask how I launched Messy Success, so I thought it was time for us to talk about it! A lot of different things went into the success […]

Questions Answered in this Episode When someone says they’d like to “pick your brain” and take you out to coffee, how do you react? Is it ever okay to ask another entrepreneur out for advice? Is it okay to say no if someone asks you? Show Notes A common topic of discussion among entrepreneurs and […]

Questions Answered in this Episode Self-care for entrepreneurs is so important. How can you make it a priority? What is FOWOT and how can you avoid its pitfalls? What’s the best advice for someone who wants to start a business? Listen on iTunes Show Notes This week, I’m speaking with Erika Mills, a wedding photographer […]

Questions Answered in this Episode How do you become a people magnet, so that people gravitate back to you? How do you grow a high level community? LISTEN ON iTUNES SHOW NOTES We all know those people who we love to interact with. They are the people that everyone loves, that people want to spend […]

Questions Answered in this Episode Finding Our Ideal Clients Pricing Workflow SHOW NOTES Finding Our Ideal Clients Lean into your true self and figure out your “brand voice.” Once you have figured that out and use it, you’re going to attract your people. Show up for your clients and future clients. Be your authentic self […]