July 12th I headed up to Herndon Virginia for a special workshop called the VIPINTENSIVE with Reina Pomeroy!   This workshop was all about passive income.  So many people have asked me all about what I learned and how it was and especially about the “passive income” part.   I can’t even begin to recap three days […]

June flew by so fast I almost forgot our little recap! June has been a crazy month.  Mark broke his toe playing with the girls, I have learned how to watch a little TV at night….ok slightly binge watching Grey’s on Netflix.  This is good because I hardly ever relax, but I think I’m a […]

Last Wednesday night was the first ever “Shoot Network & Play” event.  One of my many crazy ideas.   Some ideas come to life, and some get stuffed far far way.  I think any creative person can relate. I’m SOOO excited to share with yall beautiful images and headshots from this event!  I’m really happy […]

I love Instagram. I REALLY DO.   It is my favorite app, I spend a ton of time there. And with all the new features it is becoming even more fun. But I have a huge gripe about IG and I know I can’t be the only one feeling this way.   So I want to share […]

May is one of my favorite months!  For so many reasons LOL…. my birthday, anniversary, and mothers day!  AND it is just a BEAUTIFUL month in general and typically filled with weddings!   I’m excited to share our May recap and we are already moving on to June.  Where is this year going??? My Birthday […]

The hardest part about running a creative business. There are not many things about this life that I would consider “easy.”  But nothing worth having is easy right?  I mean isn’t that what they say!? But there’s ONE thing that we, creative women entrepreneurs, battle every single day.  And if you don’t then you are […]

Holy Cow its MAY!!!!   I LOVE MAY!  For many reasons lol:  Mark and I were married in May, my birthday, and mothers day, AND it is a BEAUTIFUL month for weddings! But I can’t move into May without stopping to take a peek at April and all the things we accomplished!  It was a […]