A few weeks ago I launched a very exciting blog post about how consistent editing can take your work to the next level!  I had SIX photographers edit the same image.  You can check that out here.  Well, that blog post inspired the launch of my new Color Study Mentoring Sessions!  These are not ‘how to […]

Consistent Editing will take you to the NEXT LEVEL //  A Color Study We ALL have those photographers that we follow…. we know their work before we even see a watermark or their name.   We ALL strive for this consistency.  There is a space in time where a photographer goes from simply being “a […]

People are often fooled by my confidence.  Shocked when I admit my insecurities.   I struggle with all of the same things that most women in business do.   One of those things I want to talk about today is popularity.    See I found myself trying to fit in with amazing wildly successful YOUNG […]

Early this month Just Dandy Events and I hosted a very tiny invitational workshop.   Thanks to my pal Hylin we discovered the BEAUTIFUL Cedar Hall Farms in Virginia Beach.   It was cold, but we had an absolute blast.   So this tiny workshop was a six-hour event for local photographers wanting to take their […]

I’m so excited to introduce the girls helping me this year!    Last year I decided I wanted to keep my 2nd shooters consistent.  It was one of the best decisions I made in 2015.   It is important to me that brides and clients know what to expect and feel like my helpers fit […]

I saw an old image… How this all came about…..  I was recently at a friend’s house and they had an ADORABLE picture framed that I took back in 2014.   I fell in love with the image all over again, I mean their pose was adorable, candid, very un-coached.   One of those in-between […]

One of the questions or comments that I hear most about my work has to do with the composition of my photographs.   Usually it is more like “How do you shoot with such unique angles?”, “I would love to learn how you set up an image”, or some use the term framing.   Usually […]