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Because I remember what it was like...

It feels like yesterday I was the new girl with a camera. I had no idea that the little camera my mother gave me would change the course of my life.  In three short years I grew my business and quit my day job.  Some days it still doesn't feel real.  I have a real and true passion for helping other women follow their creative dreams.  Don't believe me?  Come hang out in our free Live Happy Lounge where we can get started and grow our businesses together.  

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"Elizabeth is always such a positive and encouraging mentor.  One thing I've always lacked in my business is confidence.  Every time I meet with her, she helps me see my potential and steers me in a direction that gives my business purpose.  When a third party (other than family) gives you words of affirmation, it enlightens you and gives you the courage to press forward.  I am so thankful for Elizabeth.  She truly has the heart of a teacher and coach! "


Elizabeth Henson has been an incredible mentor, friend and cheerleader to me! From the very first day, she shared joyfully and with a true teacher’s heart. Her passion and drive are an inspiration to everyone she meets. My business would not be where it is today without her solid council, support and encouragement. If you have a crazy idea or a talent to share with the world, Liz will help you every step of the way!


“Elizabeth gave me the courage to fully believe I had what it took to dive in and start my own photography business. She’s been a cheerleader, motivator, teacher, and most importantly, a great friend!” 






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