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Messy Success Episode 34: Copy Happy Hour with Elli Runkles

Questions Answered in this Episode

  • How can you write compelling copy to launch and sell your new products?
  • How can you stay organized when you’re a creative entrepreneur?

Show Notes

What are the most common mistakes you see in copywriting?

Assuming that you know what your clients want or need without going out and asking them and not focusing on that ideal client. It’s not even usually mistakes in the writing so much as the messaging. I see a lot of people making assumptions about what they think people need. Really, if you slow down and listen to the words your ideal clients are using, your copy will be more effective because you’re using the words they’re using to describe your business.

Ask for feedback!

I want to make sure that my clients are getting the results that they’re after and that things are working well for them. But also, it gives me so many words that I can use when I’m writing copy. Talking to my actual people and hearing their words makes such a huge difference in the effectiveness of my copy.

What are your tips for creative women who are writing their own copy?

Remember that you do not have to reinvent the wheel! I think as creatives it’s hard to narrow down all of the things you’re doing and all the ideas you have and focus and hone them down into one finished thing. When it comes to writing copy, remember that there are so many templates and formulas and examples for how to structure your page. When you follow a template or structure, it allows you to get creative within that structure. It becomes less intimidating that way!

I have a checklist for sales pages that anyone can download for free on my website. Check it out here.

What is your Copy Writer on Call program?

You can learn more about my Copy Writer on Call program at my website. It’s a service that combines community and education and copy writing help for creative entrepreneurs.

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