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You CAN grow a successful business; even if you are not popular…..

People are often fooled by my confidence.  Shocked when I admit my insecurities.   I struggle with all of the same things that most women in business do.   One of those things I want to talk about today is popularity.    See I found myself trying to fit in with amazing wildly successful YOUNG entrepreneurs.   People with no kids, husband and wife teams, a gazillion followers.   People whose journey looks absolutely nothing like mine, or what mine even CAN look like.   I’m constantly talking to my friend and accountability partner Angie about how we need to find that perfect role model that has a life more similar to ours.   KIDS.  Wedding Industry, but also has other revenue streams… the list goes on and on.   The fact that we must make a certain amount of money each month to support our families.   We have not always been business owners, we both left full-time jobs to take this leap of faith and chase our dream, hopefully making money in the process.

My journey just does not look like theirs.   I’m not wildly popular and there is a good chance I never will be.   I’m in my mid 30s, and shit, most of the women my age don’t even know what an insta-story is!   Most women my age are already settled into a career and not paying any attention me, and if they are, they probably think I’m insane.

But the crazy part is, despite my small number of followers, and my small groups, I’m still making a living.   It is not always easy.  Some months I feel like I’m “making it rain” and some months I don’t even want to buy a Starbucks.  But after a year and half being full-time I most certainly AM succeeding.

Popularity has zero to do with success.   And ZERO to do with how happy our clients are.  And if we can keep our mindset in check it should have zero to do with how we view ourselves as well.

Typically women who come to me for photography mentoring have had a disappointing experience of some kind.   A workshop that was too big and too pricey and they felt invisible.   Or a webinar that just had a hard sales push at the end with no real information.   Or sometimes they just feel awkward paying someone half their age.   And the community, that’s a big one.   What about after the workshop or mentoring?   is it just a business transaction or is there still growth opportunity and networking after?

Anyway… If you relate to any of this then lets chat!

I’m running a special right now for 1 on 1 photography mentoring sessions.   

I have spent thousands of dollars on my own education, including business coaching.   I know that I “wing it” when it comes to a lot of things.   But helping people is not one of them.  I give big meaningful hugs and I help women SUCCEED.

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