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Aligning your photography and your brand

You know the photographers who's work you recognize with out even seeing their watermark or name??  We ALL strive for that kind of impact on our audience!  The good news is; this is not as hard as you might think!  So much of it is packed into the way we present our work combined with having a very consistent style of photography, especially our edits!   

Becoming a consistent photographer with powerful consistent editing takes TIME. However, learning how to present your work to put your best food forward can happen FAST!  


-your color and brand presentation

-How to present your work in a way that speaks to your ideal cleint

-How to choose your strongest photography work

-how to curate your work to better reach your target audience

-Complimentary inspiration board included!

In this session you and Elizabeth will discuss:

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-Sachel Samone 

"Working with Liz during this color/branding session was such an eye-opening experience. As creatives, we always want to make sure the message we're conveying with our brand is the message we want to send. Elizabeth really helped me make sense of all my thoughts and I walked away with a kind of clarity for my photography business that I've never experienced. I feel so confident moving forward and am so grateful for a listening ear and guidance. If you're considering doing a color session with her, do it!
You will NOT be disappointed!" 

Sachel Samone Photography

Read more about sachel's session here


Elizabeth Henson has been an incredible mentor, friend and cheerleader to me! From the very first day, she shared joyfully and with a true teacher’s heart. Her passion and drive are an inspiration to everyone she meets. My business would not be where it is today without her solid council, support and encouragement. If you have a crazy idea or a talent to share with the world, Liz will help you every step of the way!


“Elizabeth gave me the courage to fully believe I had what it took to dive in and start my own photography business. She’s been a cheerleader, motivator, teacher, and most importantly, a great friend!” 





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