Studies show you need at least five people in your daily life that you can dive deep into rich meaningful business related conversation.

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-Amanda Cyr 

"I booked 5 sessions in the first half of the program! Which is great, but more importantly, I have gained more confidence in myself as a photographer and a business owner due to the support of this mastermind group and the resources it has provided. This may be an 8 week event, but the knowledge I have received and relationships I've made are the biggest wins to me"


Kelsie Lynn Photography

"I feel energized when I'm in our weekly meetings. It feels good to be able to talk business and photog only conversations because they are the only people in my life who understand. We're all in a similar place with business, but we each have our own experiences and tips to share. "


“Elizabeth gave me the courage to fully believe I had what it took to dive in and start my own photography business. She’s been a cheerleader, motivator, teacher, and most importantly, a great friend!” 

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You may not know what you're missing out on. The HR Mastermind is a place for creatives to grow, network, and learn. We would love to have you join!

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Elizabeth Henson, owner of Elizabeth Henson Photos, is heartfelt wedding photographer and passionate coach for creative dreamers and overachievers. She helps women who feel stuck in their day-to-day spread their creative wings and make money doing what they love. Elizabeth settled into entrepreneurship after career hopping and finally leaving the 9-5 grind, She now runs a full time photography business where she specializes in weddings for couples who believe in finding laughter in love. Her photographs have been published in magazines, books, and online. She is equally well known for her passion to help other women succeed in their own creative business endeavors and dreams of a world where any woman can make her living doing what she loves. Yoga and 90s music keep her grounded, as does spending time with husband, Mark, and two daughters, Gracie and Maddison. Elizabeth's mission is to grow her creative community, Creatives Live Happy, and provide support to emerging "creativepreneurs" everywhere.

A creative dreamer and over achiever...

Meet Elizabeth 

Most days you can find me at my computer jamming out to some 90s music.  I love my job.  I mean I REALLY love it. My clients trust my humor and they feel my passion for my work. I’m a believer in loving what you do and living the life you have always wanted.  
I love shooting weddings because it allows me to do my three most FAVORITE things all in one job!   I get to be outside, serve people, and create beautiful art. I strive to build relationships with my clients, bring out their goofy side, and capture them genuinely.
I LOVE to embrace awkward and make people laugh.   
I'm a BIG hugger and I believe in experience and kindness. My two beautiful girls and my hotty Husband give my life purpose and joy every single day.  #hensonhomelife

A creative dreamer and over achiever...

Meet Elizabeth 


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