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Gift Ideas for the photography guru in your life!

What to get your photography loving friend, family member, or pal for the Holidays!!

If you are anything like our family, you still have some shopping to do.   Well if you have a spouse, friend, or family member who is a photography lover I polled my friends and we put together a fun little list for ya.  I have a feeling this will be one of those blog posts that grows and evolves with time.  But fun to get started!

Here are some great gift ideas! 



Starter Lenses:

50mm 1.8 – Great all around focal length

85mm 1.8 – Do they love photographing people?  

35mm 1.8 – Fun wide angle stuff, lifestyle, indoors, landscapes

To shop these online simply search the lens with Nikon or Canon added in the search bar and read the description to be sure it goes on digital cameras.   (example:  go to Amazon and search “Nikon 50mm 1.8”  or  “50mm 1.8 for Nikon”)

**If they don’t have a camera body yet I would recommend the Nikon 5600 or Canon Rebel 



Camera Accessories:

What about a tripod and/or remote 

Subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud for Lightroom and Photoshop 

Lens Pen or wipes

Their first Flash thats not that is not attached to the camera

A fun camera bag like Cheeky Lime

Personalized Camera Strap



Other things we love:



Washi tape

Camera Ornament

Stand up desk   

Educational things:

1 on 1 photography lesson

Gift card toward an educational opportunity

An online class at Creative Live


**You can also check out my Resources Page to get more ideas, see what is in my camera bag, favorite books etc.

Gift Ideas for the photography guru in your life!

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