Meet the Dream Team of 2017! Elizabeth Henson Photos | Elizabeth Henson Photos

Meet the Dream Team of 2017! Elizabeth Henson Photos

2017 wedding season is upon us!  I’m so so excited to announce the team members for this year!  I know this is going to be a great year with some amazing women by my side.  Two years ago I made the decision to have a “team” rather than hiring outside help for each wedding.  It is important to me that brides and clients know what to expect and feel like my helpers fit right into their day.   It is also much easier on me if my assistants and 2nd shooters have worked with me many times, rather than someone new each time.   It makes the wedding day smoother and we get to build relationships in the process.   Not only do we perform better, but my clients get the best possible service.   I’m really excited to introduce you to my awesome team this year!   We are so excited to spoil some amazing clients!

Heidi Calma:  Associate Photographer and Studio Partner

“Whether in words or images, I’ve always been a storyteller. I love creating family heirlooms and documenting the love that exists in a moment in time while capturing an image that tells a family’s story. ”

Loving. Insightful. Determined.

Heidi and I actually took a huge plunge this year and opened our studio workspace!   It has been an exciting ride and only the beginning!   Heidi is so different from me yet we compliment each other so well.  It really works!!   She has this ability to see light and analyze every situation in a very factual and literal way.   She sees things that I don’t see but also knows what I expect.   I met Heidi three  years ago, and I have seen her entire growth as a photographer.   She’s amazing and has really found her niche.    She’s now focusing on families and newborns and has mastered her neutral palette and organic posing!

Heidi is an outdoor junkie who loves to bike, swim, and run.   I secretly love all her pictures in her bike shorts and helmet LOL.       Heidi has just a little hippy in her and I love it.

Heaven Blunt:  Lead 2nd Shooter

“I love interacting with my clients and watching their emotions come through in the images!  The relationships I have built with my colleagues and clients are more than I could ever have imagined!”

Caring. Happy. Passionate.

Heaven is returning this year and I couldn’t be happier about it!  I am hooked on her sweet demeanor and her willingness to help.   Heaven is now our lead 2nd shooter.  I always trust Heaven with our clients and she takes beautiful images.   She has the longest commute, but that shows her dedication to the job and her determination to learn.

Heaven is incredibly dedicated to her family and loves her grandma’s banana pudding…. yum!   OMG and she has known her husband since elementary school, she says they fell in love gradually; that’s pretty darn amazing.    A fellow Target lover, with the ability to laugh at herself, Heaven is such a sweetheart and I can’t wait to have her by my side again this year!

Shawna Fredericks:  2nd Shooter

“I love building relationships with my couples and learning each of their unique stories. I strive to capture them authentically to create their legacy with photographs, so they can look at that photo and be able to transport themselves to the way they felt at that exact moment in time.”

Loving. Giggly. Excited.

When I interviewed Shawna over skype I knew she would make a great asset to the team!  Her photography journey sounded strangely similar to mine and I could tell very fast that she is loved by her clients.   Shawna is training to be an EHP wedding associate, and I’m so thrilled to have her.

When Shawna is not helping out EHP, her and her husband shoot together.  They have known each other since high school and I love that she quickly admits that they not only support each other but challenge each other.  Shawna is inspired by love stories…. duh she even loves chocolate and The Notebook!   Yet another Target lover with TWO basset hounds!

Diana Romero:  2nd Shooter and EHP Family Associate

I love being able to capture memories for other people. I love knowing it something they will treasure for years. 

Girly. Silly. Adventurous.
Diana is a cute little mom of two boys!   She recently moved here and is so excited to get to work!  Diana is going to be 2nd shooting and an EHP associate photographer.  I’m thrilled that we will be able to serve families this year!   I love chatting with her about our crazy kids and I know her fun personality is going to be a great addition this year.
Diana is inspired by her family and loves vanilla ice cream.  She would choose exploring with her family over cooking.  Her husband is her high school sweetheart and best friend!

So I have two more special people to introduce who are huge helpers behind the scenes!

Holly Coriell:  Workshop and Event Coordinator
What Holly loves most about working with Elizabeth:  “The constant belly laughs!! She’s hysterical. She’s also my biggest cheerleader and gives me the best pep talks ever.”
Bubbly. Talkative. Organized.
I honestly could not survive with out Holly!  She has been a part of every workshop I have done…. like EVER!   I don’t know why we waited until year three to make this official haha.   She helps me stay organized when my life gets crazy and she’s all the yings to my yangs.
Holly would choose wine over sweets any day.  She loves walks with her guy and her dog.  She loves a good trip to Hobby Lobby or Target and is inspired by other business owners.

Kristina Knapp:  Social Media Assistant to Creatives Live Happy
What Kristina loves most about working with Elizabeth:  Probably how inspiring she is! I love all my research projects, I always feel like I come away so motivated!! Just being able to see all the thought and strategy behind Elizabeth Henson Photography and Creative Lives Happy is really cool and pushes me to better in my own business.
Passionate. Head Strong. Hufflepuff. 
I just started working with Kristina this year and I’m so glad I found her!   Kristina is behind the Creatives Live Happy Instagram account and really keeps things moving along behind the scenes.  I love how committed she is to her clients and really digs deep to represent CLH!  She does marketing research and keeps me on my toes in the best way!
Kristina’s favorite thing to do is travel!  She grew up on three different continents and it has become such an important part of who she is!  If she’s not on a plane every few months she gets the itch!  She never believed in lifelong, lasting love until she met her hubby.  She loves Pulp Fiction and bargain shopping!

The last thing I’m looking for is a Creative Intern!   I would love some young energy to come and help me during the week in the studio!   Looking for someone with experience in Adobe Indesign, styling, and computer and tech savvy!   Email if interested!