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Mentoring Recap with elovephotos – Virginia Beach Photographer

I’m so excited to share my mentoring experience with the sweetest lady on the planet!  Emily Gibby from elovephotos is simply amazing!   I can’t believe that we actually worked together THREE times!   I’m going to share a little bit of our journey together with you!

Emily and I had our first mentoring session in August of 2015!  We met at a local Panera and talked all things business for a few hours.  I remember Emily was ready to make her business more legit and she was struggling with some self-confidence.  We had some hard conversations about making more time for work and conquering the mom guilt.   I already loved Emily, but I was ready for her to believe in herself as much as we all believe her!

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Fast forward to December of 2016!   Emily booked a Skype session with me.  I was excited to follow-up and hear from her since I already knew she had grown like crazy!   Emily was thrilled because she had been raising her prices and STILL booking!

This time around Emily was struggling more with workflow, and feeling guilty about not blogging etc.   Well guess what, SHE WAS (still is) BOOKING like crazy, so I said GIRL, don’t worry about it!   I’ll save the blog lecture for someone who is struggling to book!  See sometimes we get in our own heads and feel like we should be doing things the same way as everyone else.   But guess what.  We DON’T.   We run our businesses the way WE want.   I gave her a pep talk and some workflow tips, but in all honesty I knew there was still a missing piece.

Fast forward to the Workcation when Emily had her BIG breakthrough.   You can read about that here…   See I was that crazy person that said the words to her “you don’t know who you are because you don’t know what you want”…    I just knew from our mentoring sessions there was something built up inside her that she was not letting out!  Well let me tell you, she got it off her chest and now its GAME ON.   Emily has stepped her game up so high she’s turning inquiries away because she’s already booked!   WHATTTTT!  I mean I always knew she had it in her, but now she believes in HERSELF.

(photo by Christina Barnum)

Soon after workcation she booked her third mentoring session with me.   A 1 on 1 intensive in the studio.  This time we were not talking much about confidence.   Emily is a lot like me and she really just wants someone to look over her shoulder and listen and offer moral support.  We all need that sometimes!  We all need help picking our strongest images, hearing another perspective on what we are doing right and what needs work!   So we spend a few hours digging into her website and galleries… but honestly I was just a sounding board.  She has put in ALL the hard work and her photography is simply gorgeous!   Here are a few of my favorite shots taken recently by Emily!

My takeaways from my 1 on 1 session with Emily are simple:

Love yourself because others love you.

Believe in yourself.

Your business does NOT have to look like everyone else’s.

Being different is what makes us all GREAT.

OUR Confidence shows in our photography.  The more confident you become the better your work will look.

Emily I’m so so proud of you.   I’m honored to be your peer in this industry.  Thank you for trusting me to be your person and guide you to unleash the amazingness that you already have!

So are you struggling in business?   Email me and lets chat about mentoring!

OR nervous about where to start?  Check out Creatives Live Happy  for access to helpful content and get comfy with me before you take the plunge!

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