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Elizabeth Henson is the owner of Elizabeth Henson Photos INC., founder of The Messy Success Podcast, and Shine The Light Society membership. Elizabeth has become the go-to expert in community management and leadership. She helps six and seven figure companies become pro's at building and maintaining large communities that turn into marketing machines. Elizabeth's signature system for building word-of-mouth-based business and getting more referrals has changed the landscape of digital marketing. She gets businesses out of the content generating hamster wheel and into relationships that leverage their leadership. Elizabeth is also a BBD Plus Coach and Sales Pro for James Wedmore. 
You can find Elizabeth working from home while jamming to 90s music! She loves hot yoga, and her core values are simple: To be creative and operate from her highest good every week. 

short bio

Hi I’m Elizabeth! I am a podcaster, photographer, and passionate coach for creative business owners. I help business owners step into leadership and build communities. I specialize in helping six and seven figure CEO's get control of their needy audiences. I believe in the power of relationships and finding our own version of success.

Rockstar Statment

I help creative dreamers who want to become industry leaders build powerful communities around their brand so that they become the go-to expert in their field. Unlike many who focus on social media strategy, we build communities using three methods that include growing unique leadership skills, building a social ecosystem, and setting boundaries that leverage authority.  

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