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Rockbody Fitness – Small Business Series

I’m so excited to feature Rockbody Fitness today!!!    First let me tell you how I heard about Rocky.    A good friend of mine met her at a local run…the Glow Run for a local PTA.   Rocky was there to facilitate the warm up.    Well she made such a positive impression on my friend that she was quickly nominated for my Small Business Series.    Rocky was described as “my kinda girl.”   It was enough to get me curious and excited all at the same time.

Rocky invited me to her home gym to meet last week.   We sat and talked for almost two hours!  That is a record for my small business meetings!    We chatted like old friends, shared business tips, and had a few belly laughs.    She is TOTALLY my kind of girl!    Rocky is totally beautiful and feminine, but also strong, and is the real-deal for her clients.

I was super impressed with Rocky’s kind heart and her passion for fitness, wellness, and health sciences.   She is has all kinds of education but her favorite study was Public Health…. I LOVED hearing her talk about it because I could just feel how passionate she is about it.   She has ALWAYS loved fitness and nutrition and knew that was her path.    She has built her business over the last few years and loves helping people reach their nutritional and fitness goals.   So awesome right!?

Rocky loves her clients.  Her business is centered around helping people.   She genuinely loves serving other, especially women, and proves it by volunteering in Hampton Roads.    She has a home gym, but also hosts boot camp classes at locations like Mt. Trashmore.   She is also offers online training and it creates a ton of flexibility for clients.

This beauty is also a military wife and mother of two… she does it all!    She is the perfect mix of kind and motivating.

You can read more about Rocky at her website and she has a Facebook page too.

I truly left meeting Rocky like I had found a friend…. a like-minded woman who I can talk business with… and I plan to set up my own session with her soon!    She does share my love for hot yoga 🙂