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Snow days and working from home – work life balance

So the snow came a week ago!!  I always get excited for snow, there is something magical about it.  I have always loved it and getting to see my girls play and enjoy it is pretty special.  Back when I was teaching I REALLY loved snow days… it was a REAL day off, no plans, no worries, just soaking it up.  Well when I left teaching and started working from home that has changed a tad.  Snow or no snow I still have to work, but don’t worry, I still had plenty of joy for the snow!  I just had to play the balancing game a bit more than expected and THANK GOODNESS Mark was home last week.  Last week was busy because I launched a special mastermind program for photographers for the first time.  I’m very pleased with how everything went, but gosh if he had not been home I would have been a mess!   I was able to work with playing kids in the background and still have some fun memories in the snow.

This week Mark is back at work, and I’m solo mompreneuring all the way with the girls.  Typically they go to school for about 3-4 hours every M-F.   Still not much but it keeps me sane and gives me a few hours to work un-interrupted.

There is certainly not much I can offer as advice on days like this except to just survive, make the best of it, and remember that days with these little wild haired girls won’t last long.  My husband is a saint so I will be able to work when he gets home, even though my brain is mash potatoes by that point….. it is better than no time at all, and I appreciate him.

I did get a stand up desk for Christmas!  Thank you Rachel!  It has really helped with small work tasks while the girls are awake because they can’t crawl in my lap and push the buttons lol.  I seriously love it so far!!

A few things that made my life easier in this unpredictable situation:

-Sunday I knew we were not going to have school for a while, I worked extra when I wouldn’t typically work on a Sunday…. set myself up for success Monday.  = preparation

-Focus on what is REALLY important, other stuff can wait.  = realistic expectations

-I have to work strange hours.  Mark will tell you I work every night, but I actually don’t haha.  But this week I most certainly am working at night because I don’t have my day hours 🙂  So I have to break a few of my boundaries to stay on track this week.  And that’s ok 🙂

-My last tip for crazy weeks of life, snow, and cabin fever….   coffee, wine, and good company….and voxer.



Maddison last year vs this year

Gracie in 5 snow days over the last 5 years!

a few more from our snow day 🙂 



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