The Rowell Sisters – Senior Session – Virginia Beach Photographer | Elizabeth Henson Photos

The Rowell Sisters – Senior Session – Virginia Beach Photographer

I can’t believe these adorable sweet twins are graduating!   It seems like yesterday I was begging their older sister, Devin, to get them to play field hockey.   I love this family so much, these are the kind of girls that made me love coaching so much, and they made it so hard to leave.   They are sweet, creative, beautiful, and kind.   All THREE of them.    I know their parents must be so proud every day.   I’m SOOO lucky that Ali and Lauren chose me to take their senior pictures and OH MAN are they totally epic!   I have pictures this spot, this light, and their beautiful blonde hair!!!  We had the perfect night, and these girls sure did look good!   I’m so excited to share these images!   Congrats Ali and Lauren Class of 2014!!!


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