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Why I love working with my students and athletes

I know in the past I have blogged about why I actually enjoy working with family and friends.  Sometimes it can be difficult to mix business and friendship.   However, I have always loved it.

Working with students is a whole other side of business that I absolutely love.   I love taking our relationship outside the classroom or the hockey field and weaving them into this whole other part of my life.   I love it even more that they actually want ME to take their pictures or capture their event.   From the first time I took prom pictures, I knew I was going to love seeing my girls outside of the classroom and in front of my lens.     I feel like it brings my crazy life and things that I am passionate about full circle.    It means my students can see past me as just a teacher or just a coach.   I love working with them so much I have a hard time even finding the words.

This is probably one of the many reasons I would have a hard time giving up my job as a teacher, because I just love some of my students so much.   I can’t believe school starts back up in a few weeks and I will have a whole new crop!

When I stepped down from coaching, one of the hardest decisions ever, I blogged about that too (Here is the link to that blog post)……but the best part is, I have still been able to carry on my relationships with these girls!!!   They didn’t forget me when I stepped off the hockey field!

I’m so grateful for all the crazy stepping-stones, from coaching, to teaching, to my own business.   These girls make me smile so much.   Their pretty faces will forever be in my portfolio… but also my life <3

senior pictures2014-08-06_0002

Mia helped me this week with something really big going on behind the scenes!!!!   She was the perfect model and she was so patient!   I can’t wait to unleash what has been going on over here!!!!