hampton roads creative network for women

A creative and collaborative network in Hampton Roads exclusively for forward thinking women who want to create actionable impact...

After attending nearly every entrepreneur event or group in Hampton Roads I struggled to find one that felt like home. I struggled to find a group of women who understand the creative and online community in a way that made me feel empowered. One thing I learned teaching high school is that so much of our learning is based on how we feel about our environment and community.  Is it a safe place to share?  Do we feel comfortable enough to go against the grain when needed?  Can we talk about a new idea and know that our community will give us genuine feedback?  I was searching and searching for forward thinking and actionable women who GET ME.  I then created a survey and found out that I was not alone.  

So many of us think big and struggle to find other women that do too.  The time has come for our network.  I'm tired of jumping into other groups that are not truly what I want or need. I'm excited to take my passion for business and relationships to the next level HERE in Hampton Roads Virginia.  



-1 Monthly in person "Think Tank" for intimate brainstorming on your next big project or current struggle

-1 Monthly Virtual Hangout - Can’t make the in person meeting? We have you covered! Wear your sweats and join us online.  

-Quarterly Headshots - Never run out of fresh content for your website and social media!  

-Opportunities to share/speak to the group - Want to share a big project?  Get the word out about what you are up to? Practice a presentation?  Share your expertise??  We got you!  

-Online community - Around the clock exclusive access to Elizabeth and the group for the support you need

-Video Library - All the resources you need! Want help in a certain topic?  Elizabeth will find an expert!  Live speakers and workshops will be recorded and added to the video library for your convenience! 
This could save you HUNDREDS of dollars in education.

-Opportunities to make a difference in our community.  Let's put our hands into Hampton Roads and help hungry children, speak at high schools, and create amazing change right here.  We can make such a bigger impact in this world as a group.  Lets show Hampton Roads children that they can be anything they want to be.  .

The HR Creative Network Includes:

My dreams for this are BIG... join me
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-Mary Pilkington

Elizabeth bridges the gap between like minded entrepreneurs EVERY DAY. With her community over competition attitude she encourages boss ladies to bring positivity to not your own business but others'. Cultivating relationships with these likeminded women has been huge for me.

What members are saying 

Kristin Watkins

I absolutely love this community of women. I look forward to the in-person meeting every month and look forward to the meaningful conversations that make my heart overflow with inspiration and drive. I have to share that I was a bit intimidated at first, with some of these bigger names coming to the "table"- But learning that they are just as human as me makes me feel like I am doing something right too!