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Just Because

Just Because....

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Most days you can find me at my computer jamming out to some 90s music.  I love my job.  I mean I REALLY love it. My clients trust my humor and they feel my passion for my work. I’m a believer in loving what you do and living the life you have always wanted.  
I love shooting weddings because it allows me to do my three most FAVORITE things all in one job!   I get to be outside, serve people, and create beautiful art. I strive to build relationships with my clients, bring out their goofy side, and capture them genuinely.
I LOVE to embrace awkward and make people laugh.   
I'm a BIG hugger and I believe in experience and kindness. My two beautiful girls and my hotty Husband give my life purpose and joy every single day.  #hensonhomelife

A creative dreamer and over achiever...

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Just because I remember what it was like........

It feels like yesterday I was the new girl with a camera.  I had no idea that the little camera my mother gave me would change the course of my life.   In three short years I grew my business and quit my day job.  Some days it still doesn't feel real.   I have a real and true passion for helping other women follow their creative dreams.   Don't believe me?   Lets have coffee at the new studio!    But first check out whats going on below! 



Photography Mentoring

I LOVE winter for many reasons!   DUH because I love the Holidays... but also because it is a great time to focus on business and get cracking on all the behind the scenes stuff that makes our businesses grow and run successfully!   I'm now scheduling 1 on 1 mentoring for winter and spring.   
Limited spots available.   
I offer a variety of custom packages just for you or your loved one who wants to grow their photography business.  
From a quick skype session to all day coaching with shooting and models.   Fill out the contact form below to get started or get more info!  
FUN and LEARNING are guaranteed!!!





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