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Messy Success Episode 35: Grow Your Business with More Love and Less Strategy

Focus on Our Ideal Outcomes More than We Focus on Our Problems

Lately, I have been learning all things Facebook ads and writing sales copy. You guys know this has been a pain point for me! I realized this week, after some coaching sessions and speaking with my team, I realized how important it is to reframe that narrative.

In one of James Wedmore’s group coaching sessions, the coach said something that really stuck with me. Every single moment, we have a chance to CHOOSE where we focus our attention. As entrepreneurs and business leaders, we should be approaching these hurdles as leadership opportunities and to focus on the potential positives. What type of energy do I want my team feeding off of?

Question of the Week

If you suddenly had an endless pile of money from your business, what organization, charity, or nonprofit would you donate to?

I posted this question on my social media accounts and I loved seeing all of your answers – it really helped me get to know you and what you’re passionate about.

I want to challenge you – why wait? You don’t have to have unlimited money to donate, you can make a small contribution. Or, if donating is not possible right now, you can raise awareness by posting about the organization and sharing about them. Maybe it’s a cause your followers would be interested in as well.

In this spirit, I’m going to donate $2 for every person who joins the Shine the Light Challenge to Rachel’s Challenge.

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