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The First Color Study Session Recap: Sachel Samone Photography

A few weeks ago I launched a very exciting blog post about how consistent editing can take your work to the next level!  I had SIX photographers edit the same image.  You can check that out here.  Well, that blog post inspired the launch of my new Color Study Mentoring Sessions!  These are not ‘how to edit’ sessions; but more an intense strategy session to hone in on your BEST edits and how to put your best foot forward in presenting your work.  We want to attract your ideal clients with a photography style that best aligns with your brand.  It is actually difficult to see when we are IN our brand.  I’m way better at helping people do this than I even am at executing myself sometimes…  we all need help, an extra set of eyes, or an objective opinion.

I recently had my FIRST color study session!  And I’m so excited to share that it was with Sachel from Sachel Samone Photography.  I adore Sachel and we actually met at an Amanda Hedgepeth event years back!  Sachel is already an amazing photographer!  I would surely consider her a peer who has grown along side me over the years.  Sachel just had an adorable and perfect baby boy 3 months ago.  I think so many of us can relate to that adjustment!  A color study session was just what she needed to bring back a little fire and inspiration into her work!  She ALREADY had the talent!  We just took that amazing talent and presented it in a new way!  So crazy awesome!

So let’s get started!  I want to show you a peek at Sachel’s work!   She’s super talented and SO inspiring!  She was struggling with moving to a new area, connecting to ideal clients, and really just wanting to get back on her feet and make some money when she’s done with maternity leave.

This is a board I made to represent the “before” our session.

Everything is beautiful but does it REALLY communicate to her ideal client?  Sachel has this amazing old soul and she loves photographing strong beautiful women with meaningful stories.  I seriously LOVED talking about this with her.  Talk about MEANINGFUL and something that no one else is really doing!  She’s incredible y’all!

So this is the board that I put together for Sachel!  We talked about colors, brand, ideal clients, and we just brain dumped during our time together.  It was actually really easy for me to grab some of her best work, pull out some strong colors from her images that represent her work and her audience, and rearrange a few things to make a powerful impression.  

The best part is we still incorporated her fun personality images with her professional work!

So the board I created does not mean this is her “new brand” and it was not a lesson on how to curate Instagram.  Really we should be curating our work on ALL platforms and our website.  This is just a brainstorm board that sends a slightly more clear message… and in my opinion, really showcases how amazingly talented Sachel is, and the inspiring clients she works with!

In all honesty the thing that makes me the most happy about these sessions is that I’m not sending photographers away telling them they need a new website or a new brand…. it is more like taking the work that already exists and showcasing it in a consistent or more branded way.  So fun right!?

I’m so grateful for Sachel and I’m so excited for my next color study session this week!

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