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I took my daughter to work! Gracie’s meets a VIP Family

Last Sunday I brought Gracie with me to a very special shoot!  I have worked with this family for the last THREE April’s so it only felt right to make sure I saw them this April too.  They drove out to Stumpy Lake and I cautiously told them I would be bringing Gracie with me if that was ok.  Katie was thrilled to meet her which eased my anxiety a little and my associate photographer Kristin came along as well.  Kristin was able to keep an extra eye on Gracie and she took some of these awesome BTS photos!

This was a special day for so many reasons, but what I wanted to blog about was how important it was for me to not only bring Gracie to work one day, but I wanted her to meet Logan.  She’s never been exposed to children with any type of special needs and as a mother, this is important to me.  Shoot, if you don’t know how I met my husband we met surrounded by some really incredible kids… with some pretty incredible needs 🙂   Gracie was a little shy, but I think that was mostly because she was meeting 8 people she had never met before…. but I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  I just told her she could ask Mrs. Katie anything she wanted to about Logan, that he as born really early so he needs a little bit more help with things.  She was un-phased and mostly concerned with gifting someone her yellow flower.  I trust Gracie to be her own person, but I mostly just hope that she will be a kid who says hello… even when kids look a little different.   On the way home I said “Gracie I know that Logan looks a little different” and she quickly said “MOMMY EVERYONE looks different”….   she put me in my place quick.  So I just said ok then Gracie…. lets just be sure that no matter what, we never let kids feel left out like Rudolph.  Gracie REALLY understands that song, and being the empath that she is, she does NOT like they Rudolph the red nosed reindeer was left out.  So that is really all I came up with… just to let her know that it is our job to make sure kids are never left out like Rudolph….   I don’t know where I come up with this stuff and I certainly don’t know what I’m doing as a parent most of the time….  but Gracie is pretty darn special and so is Logan so I’m really glad that they got to meet in person.

Kristin I will treasure these pictures of Gracie and I forever!  THANK YOU for joining us!!!

I have been so inspired by Katie, Landon, and Logan’s story that I’m doing a giveaway for CHKD on my Instagram today…  check it out.



take daughter to work day

take daughter to work day take daughter to work day take daughter to work day take daughter to work day


Here are a few pictures that Gracie took, she did pretty good!


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