October Round Up – Gracie turns 4!!! | Elizabeth Henson Photos

October Round Up – Gracie turns 4!!!

How do I have a FOUR year old???   Just like that, I blinked and the entire month flew by and now I have a big girl!   It was a BUSY month of work, but we managed to fit in most of our fun Fall traditions, Gracie had a great birthday party, and of course Halloween night!  Gracie is doing great in school, we LOVE her teachers. She is loving dance class on Mondays, and music at school.  Most of the time at home she wants her kid sissy to play with her lol.  Maddison tolerates it but does what she wants for the most part.  Hence the side-eye in many of these pictures.  Gracie is my BFF these days and I’m totally ok with that.  She hangs out in my office while I work, and still sneaks in our bed every night.   I’m so proud of my girls!  It is pretty fun to be their mama.  Mark has a fun blog post coming next week for Maddison’s 1.5 years 🙂

Gracie’s Birthday Party…  the love is real with her pal Charlotte!

The usual from this one…. 

This month was filled with Sessions and Weddings!

A Fun NEW Project:  Vintage & Lace