Sammi – Class of 2015 – Hampton Roads Photographer | Elizabeth Henson Photos

Sammi – Class of 2015 – Hampton Roads Photographer

Everyone at Ocean Lakes High School, from teachers to students, LOVE Sammi!    She is so sweet and kind to EVERYONE!   I have heard stories from teachers who have seen her do kind things for others even when she has no idea people are watching.   I think one of the stories, a teacher was in a bathroom stall and heard Sammi giving another girl a pep talk who was in tears trying out for the cheerleading team.   She is just this way all the time, and that is a true sign of good character.

Sammi is an amazing singer!   She has a website at  You need to check it out because she will be famous one day.   She sings the National Anthem at basketball games and I seriously get goosebumps.

Sammi also has a great story of overcoming adversity.    She is legally blind on one eye and can’t drive at night.   She is just so inspiring to go through life never complaining and literally smiling at everyone she passes.    She’s one of those students who just makes my heart so happy.

It was truly an honor to take her senior pictures.   To be able to capture her beautiful soul inside and out was just awesome.   I’m glad we have one more year with her at OL and I know she is destined for big things!

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