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want to tackle that big project you have put on the shelf???  first let's take a quiz to make sure you're in the right place...

Finally, A Mastermind that's not just a casual meet up. Let's go deeper. 

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Do you think REALLY big and struggle to find others in our area that do too?

Oh my gosh, yes!

Not really an issue for me.

This mastermind will help you connect with other creatives in your area. So if it isn't issue for you. You'll still get to grow your existing network which is a win!

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Are you looking to GROW your business in the following areas: marketing, visibility, content strategy, making more money, or passive income?

Heck yes I am!

No, I like where I am.

Even if you feel comfortable where you are, it's great to learn new skills and brainstorm with other creatives.

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Are you looking for a place to surround yourself with people who share these same goals?

Of course I am!

Not really...

You may not know what you're missing out on. The HR Mastermind is a place for creatives to grow, network, and learn. We would love to have you join!

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you sound like a perfect fit for the mastermind! I would absolutely love to get to know you and your business better.

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Hi Y'all!!
I'm Elizabeth and I'm an ambassador of community and I LOVE building business-centered wolfpacks.  I THRIVE when I'm surrounded by BIG thinkers and actionable entrepreneurs.  My life and business changed when I started participating in masterminds and surrounding myself with other women who "get-it".  It is my honor to create an action packed mastermind just for creatives like you!   

Let's dig deep and get down to business

What’s included:
+ Small group of 3-6 creatives
+ Meet virtually weekly or biweekly
+ Three guest experts on topics that YOU choose!  
+ Weekly Goal Setting and Accountability 
+ Small online community for instant access when you need back up! 


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Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. A mastermind group helps you and your mastermind group members achieve success. Participants challenge each other to set powerful goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them.


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What is a Mastermind? 

How big of a commitment is the program?

Members will meet once a week with their mastermind wolfpack, and there will be one big group call per week set up by Elizabeth….. So roughly two hours per week on calls, and then 15 minutes on Monday and Friday to check in with the group. The online community is active 24/7 for as much or as little interaction as you need. This intensity only lasts for 6 weeks, but there is a welcome week and a wrap up week, so 8 weeks total.   


What if I work a day job?  

A lot of participants work day jobs! We rotate calls at night, and always provide replays if you are unable to attend. Individual packs make their own schedule and are grouped based on people’s availability. We do our best to make sure everyone can participate each week!   


Where does the group meet?  

We use a SLACK for our online community. This allows us to stay focused and not distracted by Facebook notifications. But mastermind packs are encouraged to start their own facebook groups. All group meetings are done in ZOOM. Individual pack meetings are done on your chosen platform. There are also weekly email reminders to be sure you don’t miss anything!  
As an added bonus Members will be added to my private VIP facebook group as well for continued growth after the program. 


Your network is your net worth...

More Facts:  

This IS the organized opportunity to
COLLABORATE with peers ... that means YOU get to teach too! 
BUILD your network
LEARN together by sharing strengths and weaknesses
Become more ACCOUNTABLE than ever

This mastermind program is an 8 week commitment 
The productivity of the group is VERY important. 
 Everyone is investing in the experience and everyone will be provided equal opportunity for results. 

**Replays of all virtual meetings and guest expert calls will be available.  

You will be grouped with people who have similar meeting time availability and similar business goals 
Starts June 18th!  

Your business growth is the mission!


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Access to Images will be sent to you November 30th when we go live!

$39.50 / first Quarter

$123.50 / first year

That's half of the regular investment!

That's half of the regular investment!

Sign me up for 3 months!

I need the annual savings!

-Amanda Cyr 

"I booked 5 sessions in the first half of the program! Which is great, but more importantly, I have gained more confidence in myself as a photographer and a business owner due to the support of this mastermind group and the resources it has provided. This may be an 8 week event, but the knowledge I have received and relationships I've made are the biggest wins to me"


Kelsie Lynn Photography

"I feel energized when I'm in our weekly meetings. It feels good to be able to talk business and photog only conversations because they are the only people in my life who understand. We're all in a similar place with business, but we each have our own experiences and tips to share. "

-Blaire Portlock Photography

"It has truly helped me recognize that I need more structure in my business when it comes to accomplishing things. I have really enjoyed talking with these ladies that are like minded!  It has been super refreshing!"