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Messy Success Episode 13: Messy Marketing with Elizabeth

Questions Answered in this Episode

    • What are Elizabeth’s three pillars of messy marketing success?
    • Can you have a successful marketing strategy if you’re not type A and super organized?

Show Notes

I have some offbeat philosophies on marketing – that’s why I called this episode Messy Marketing with Elizabeth! One of the reasons that I created this podcast is because I wanted more women to realize that we don’t have to fit into this type A planner world to run a successful business. We can be ourselves and tap into some of the things we’re really good at, even if we struggle when it comes to organization sometimes. Marketing is no exception!

Three Pillars Behind My Marketing Strategy

Show Up

It is better to show up imperfectly rather than not show up at all. I know that one of the reasons that my business has thrived over the last six years is because I continue to show up. If we don’t tell people what it is that we’re doing, what we’re selling, and what we’re trying to book more of, we’re not going to get clients. You will find your people if you do your best to show up and share what you’re up to.


Networking is my marketing! I’m all about relationships with people and how those relationships can positively impact your business. The relationships that we make in our world and in our business are more powerful than any marketing calendar. Do you have a networking plan? Do you put relationships at the forefront of your business? If you struggle with this and you feel like you’re not good enough to sit with the cool kids, you need to find a community that makes you feel good enough. Because you are! If you’re struggling to find a safe space, reach out to me!

Here’s an example of how that directly relates to your business – when I am working on a big project like the Mastermind program, I feel comfortable reaching out to my tribe to ask for help shining the light on my big project. Why did I feel comfortable asking for that help? Because I had done it for my people in the past! We all want to be heard, so we have to make sure that we’re listening to our tribe and sharing what they’re doing, too.

Focus on the Things That You Love

Of course, we want to do more of the things that we love because it’s fun. But it’s not just about it being fun – being passionate about what we’re doing and expressing that in our online presence will help us find more of the business and clients that we want. What does your person look like? What is your brand voice?

The biggest mistake that I see in the wedding industry today is generic language in marketing language. I see a lot of “I love couples that believe in forever.” Well – that’s every couple who gets married, right?! What makes your couple different from mine? Focusing on what it is you love instead of focusing on everything is actually a marketing tactic. It’s finding our brand voice and using that voice to attract the perfect client.


  • Continue to show up, build those meaningful relationships, and do the work you love!

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