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Messy Success Episode 42: Adult Friendships & Entrepreneurship

Questions Answered in this Episode

  • What is maternity leave going to look like for me as an entrepreneur this time?
  • What does it look like making friends as an adult? As an entrepreneur?

Maternity Leave for Entrepreneurs

You’ll probably notice that things are going to look a little bit different around here in the next few weeks. At 31 weeks, it’s time to start planning my maternity leave. This is my third maternity leave as an entrepreneur, but my business has changed a little bit!

So I’ve been working with my great project manager, Jessica, to figure out what my maternity leave is going to look like. This will be our last show notes until after maternity leave is over, but there may be some more podcast episodes. But don’t worry! You’ll definitely see me on Instagram.

Making Friends as Adults and as Entrepreneurs

Some of my friends are throwing me a very informal baby shower. As I’ve thought about the guest list, it made me start to think about what a challenge it is to find good friends as an adult. And, as an entrepreneur, finding the kinds of friends who want to talk about all the details of my business, who are just as interested in that part of my life as others.

When we’re in a room together, I want to know what you’re passionate about! What are the things that light you up? Are you in love with your work? Not everyone wants to talk about these things and that’s totally ok! But I have found that the people I connect with are the people who do. And I’ve started to make more of an effort to find those spaces where I feel totally comfortable to be my passionate self.

Since I’ve made that decision, I’ve felt more comfortable, I’ve slept better. It’s been a good thing for me! I think it’s so important to have a community of like-minded friends who wholeheartedly understand what you’re going through as an entrepreneur. It’s such a roller coaster and it helps to have other people who want to dig deep into those questions.

Building Brick by Brick

No matter what we’re working on, whether it’s our businesses or our relationships, we have to think about it as building brick by brick. And that’s hard! We want to see results immediately, but that’s just not the reality. To become a good leader in your industry, you have to be comfortable sitting in that space.

Everything you’re doing in your business now, whether it’s finding those people you can have a long conversation about business with or working on your 2020 plan or your 5-year plan, you’re laying that foundation to become a great leader in your industry. Create spaces where people feel seen and heard, where they can be creative and passionate.

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