Consistent Editing will take you to the NEXT LEVEL // A Color Study | Elizabeth Henson Photos

Consistent Editing will take you to the NEXT LEVEL // A Color Study

Consistent Editing will take you to the NEXT LEVEL //  A Color Study

We ALL have those photographers that we follow…. we know their work before we even see a watermark or their name.   We ALL strive for this consistency.  There is a space in time where a photographer goes from simply being “a good photographer” to being a  next level GREAT photographer.  Consistency in images along with a developed brand are the perfect recipe for next level success.

The key component to this type of recognizable work is our editing.  I’m not taking away from our “in camera” ability.  BUT the edit is the final signature, the piece that makes that shot truly unique with our personal stamp on it.  And the coolest part is there are SO MANY different ways to edit and there is NO right or wrong.  A photographer only appears amateur when their work is all over the map.  That space in time when we focus so hard on shooting, learning, growing our clientele.  But then as we progress into a place where we discover that perfect balance of lights/darks, and the color palette that is unique to our style.  The perfect edit that makes us feel happy and proud of our work!  This is AWLAYS a work in progress.  Great photographers always strive to build upon their brand and style.

So over the past few months the nerdy art teacher in me has really been paying attention to color palettes in photography.  Watching some of my favorite photographers and friends… paying attention to their work and elements that are unique to them.  I have had this burning desire to share some of this with the world.  I thought how cool would it be to see some of these photographers who are consistent edit the SAME image and see them side by side!  Fun right!?

If you take away anything from this blog.  Remember that these are all 100% BEAUTIFUL images and very talented artists.  I think the reason no one really talks about “this” is because people are afraid of being wrong, or that their work doesn’t look “as good” as someone else’s.  When really our work can look however we want it!  We simply have to develop our signature edit, brand, and recognizable canvas.

I complied some of my favorite local photographers, whose work I always recognize, and asked them to edit the same raw file.  I created a board with their colors (pulled from the exact same spot in each image) and a glimpse into their Instagram Feed.   Make sure you go check out their websites to see more of their amazing unique styles!

Fun facts about Tyler & Sharon:
The Girl Tyler created my promo video!  I adore her and her unique style always stands out in my newsfeed!
Sharon of Sharon Elizabeth Photography is my mentor.  She’s has an amazing ability to see color and she edits like a boss!  (even if it takes her 3 pairs of glasses).


Fun Facts about Jessie and Angie:
Jessie of J. McBurney Photography is new to the area!  I have actually never met her, but so glad I found her, I can already tell she’s my kinda people 🙂
Angie is my business BFF and accountability partner!  Our businesses have grown side by side over the years 🙂


Fun facts about Heidi and Elizabeth:
Heidi is one of the first photographers I mentored!  Her edits and her style are incredible and she worked so hard to get there!
Elizabeth of Elizabeth Friske Photography, has an incredible brand built around her love for the BEACH.  You MUST check it out!  Her work matches her brand and sea loving soul perfectly!


Here’s the RAW FILE and my edit:

Want to see Chynna and Justin’s full session?  click here

So if you are a photographer stuck in that space in time where you are not sure if you have reached that LEVEL UP yet, then lets chat!  I’m adding Color Study Sessions to my mentoring packages and we can sit down and talk about how your work aligns with your brand and how to get that consistency that we ALL strive for.

Are you looking to get your photography more consistent?? Check out the free video!!


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