Final Deals and Giveaways for 2017!! Whoop Whoop! | Elizabeth Henson Photos

Final Deals and Giveaways for 2017!! Whoop Whoop!

I can’t believe 2017 is almost over!!   I’m really excited about 2018 and I have been putting together a easy list on all the ways to shop, save, and even earn with EHP these last few weeks!  I have goodies for clients, photographers, and Hampton Roads creatives.

 **WEDDINGS REFERRALS!   We are working on our 2018 calendar.  Know someone getting married?  Anyone who refers a 2018 couple (that officially books before Jan 5th) will receive a 50$ gift card to Target!  whoohoooo!   (PS, new prices start Jan 5)

**SESSIONS:   Book a 2018 session now and get a free 11 x 14 CANVAS!!!   (ends Dec 31st)

GIFT CARDS are also available.. make great presents 🙂


Book a 2018 1 on 1 mentoring session with me and get a seat in the Mastermind Accelerator for ONLY $50 (thats $297 value)  [This is available to Hampton Roads people OR virtual]    Offer ends Dec 31**



Love Stock Photography?   Get 20% off AND FREE Images if you sign up for Vintage & Lace’s email list!

2.  We are working hard on putting together a Hampton Roads Mastermind for BIG thinkers and Actionable Entrepreneurs!  Are you interested??

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YAY!!!!  I can’t thank you all for your support!!!  Just a simple act of liking, sharing, or following this little dream of mine has meant the world to me!  There is no bigger compliment than your business, kind words, or even just a social media heart.   I appreciate you and so does my little family!