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What I REALLY learned from being in a Mastermind!

I know I have mentioned my pal and mentor Reina before.   Well we just wrapped out round 1 of Social Glue Sessions!   Of course, her Reina did not disappoint!  I could go on and on about the things I learned or my “take aways”…. all of the amazing collaboration, and really OPPORTUNITY that Social Glue gave me.   But I had one MAJOR business pivot that happened recently, and while it is not ALL because of Social Glue, it played a BIG part!

(PS, I’m trying something new, if you don’t have time to read, scroll to the bottom and you can LISTEN)

So I mentioned a while back on my Instagram stories that I had been stuck in my client work for a LONG TIME.  Meaning that all things creative and biz growth had been tossed to the side because I was busy maintaining and taking good care of my clients.  I would say things to myself like:

“I will do that creative project as soon as I deliver this gallery”

“I will join a mastermind when I feel like I have more time”

“I will tackle that blog post when I’m caught up on editing”

“I will reach out to this person I admire when I’m done with client emails”

the list goes on

and on

and meanwhile NOTHING creative, extra, or growth-wise was happening.

I actually worked with Reina on this back in APRIL.  But I continued to be stuck for a few more months.   I was dealing with a lot of stress as a mother and business owner.

Here is what Social Glue did for me that nothing else did up to that point…..

It made me treat something creative as an EQUAL to my client work.   I knew I invested in this, and I knew I couldn’t let Reina or my mastermind (power pod) down.  I started to put these “gluey” things on my calendar and I knew that I had to treat those things just as I would treat a client or client work.

Then changes started to happen.   I realized that my client work would ALWAYS get done.  In fact, I was MORE productive and accomplishing MORE with my time, when I would do creative things or “gluey” things first.

I’m telling you it has been magic.   And NONE of my client work has suffered.   All my galleries were still turned around faster than promised.

So simple, but so crazy.

So YES I gained all the things the Reina promised from Social Glue Sessions….  but even more valuable was learning to make some of these “gluey” and creative things a priority in my business.  My business-soul has creativity and life again.  I’m launching projects, blogging, planning 2018 like crazy.  And honestly, I don’t even care what fails or what takes off…..because it feels so darn good to create again!  That amazing feeling of business growth had gotten lost and I found it with something as simple as a commitment.   YAY!

You can check out Reina’s Social Glue Sessions Here.  Hurry up because enrollment closes on FRIDAY!   Tell her I sent you!

Lastly:  I’m doing a little research for some mastermind groups of my own!  If you are a photographer or creative NEW in business, I’d love to hear from you!

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I’m doing an experiment!  I’m going to try doing audio versions of my blogs!  Don’t have time to read?  You can listen here:

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