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Lindsey – Class of 2015 – Hampton Roads Photographer

I met Lindsey when we took ring dance pictures last spring!!  Lindsey is an athletic trainer and has played softball for many years!   She is quiet, and laid back, with this subtle beauty about her…. I love it!    In these pictures however it is not so subtle…. she rocked her senior photo shoot!!!  I had such a good time talking with her and getting to know her even better.   I have a feeling I freaked her out with my silly behind the camera voices!   We had a blast and the weather was amazing, we fought a few bugs, but I only came home with one bite!  Lindsey and her mother have been so sweet to me and I’m so grateful that I was able to share this special photo session with her!   Lindsey feel free to come visit me this year!!!  Seriously you are so beautiful!!
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