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Messy Success 40: Web Design Happy Hour with Mariah Liszewski

Questions Answered in this Episode

  • Why should you focus on optimizing your website?
  • What’s one tool you should make sure you have on your website?

A Traditional Education Isn’t the Only Path to Entrepreneurship

One thing that I love about Mariah is that she fearlessly jumped into entrepreneurship after completing only one semester of college. College isn’t necessarily the only pathway to being an entrepreneur. Mariah has always known that she wanted to work for herself and she became interested in coding at an early age. (You’ll have to listen to the show for a shout out to MySpace!) After one semester in college to learn website development

If Your Website Isn’t Optimized, You’re Going to Lose Customers

If your website is the first interaction many customers have with your business, it’s so important that your website is functional and also represents you and your business. Mariah is a problem solver and website strategist who takes a holistic look at how your website fits into your business and how your website can be optimized to convert.

Mariah says that your website is like a car. How it looks is definitely important! But even more important is how that car works, how the engine runs under the hood.

Your Website is For Your Customer, Not for You

Mariah makes a point that we’re all familiar with: it’s essential to know who your customer is. Your website is not made for you, it’s made for your customers! Mariah recommends surveying your audience to get an even better idea of who your customers are and what their problems are. Don’t be afraid to survey – people love giving their opinions!

In addition to knowing who your audience is and what their problems are, you have to know why they should choose you. How do you help a potential client vs a competitor? You should focus on what makes you unique.

Finally, track the customers who are visiting your site. Add Google Analytics to your site, which is a free, powerful tracking tool from Google. It’s all essential data that will help you manage your website and inform your website strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Analytics and data are key!
  • How your website functions is just as important as the design.

Important Links & Resources

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Mariah is a website strategist and consultant over at where she helps online biz owners get more website traffic and improve their SEO by creating a website strategy that’s unique to their goals and ideal audience. She focuses beyond just the “pretty” parts of a website so her clients get the lasting results they need to grow their business online.