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I had such a great time photographing Kate & Tyler’s Signature at Westneck wedding this past weekend! As you may already know, before I was a wedding photographer, I was a field hockey coach and art teacher. I have been so lucky to be able to photograph the weddings of some of my former field […]

Questions Answered in this Episode How can you write compelling copy to launch and sell your new products? How can you stay organized when you’re a creative entrepreneur? Show Notes What are the most common mistakes you see in copywriting? Assuming that you know what your clients want or need without going out and asking […]

I was so honored to photograph James and Becky’s wedding day at the Mimosa Farm in Cape Charles and these two and their families could not have been more welcoming. This sweet couple met while they were both waiting tables at a restaurant in Roanoke, VA. After working countless busy shifts together and talking more […]

Mimosa Farm Wedding cape Charles

Questions Answered in this Episode How do we define what makes us stand out as entrepreneurs? Show Notes What is our story, what’s our purpose, what makes us different? The next time someone asks you this, I want you to have your story ready. What is the bigger picture of why you do what you […]

Questions Answered in this Episode So, how DO you go from side hustle to full time entrepreneur? One of my Shine the Light students recently asked if I could do a podcast episode on the secret to going full time entrepreneur and I thought that was a great idea! Even though I’ve shared parts of […]