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Questions Answered in This Episode How can you find that elusive work-life balance? (It’s not what you think!) We’re Going About Work-Life Balance All Wrong As women, we’re often searching for that elusive idea of work-life balance, especially as creative entrepreneurs. Our work life can so easily start to creep into our family life and […]

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Questions Answered in this Episode How can you use planning to achieve your goals? What does planning look like for type B creative entrepreneurs? Kathryn Hofer is an amazing entrepreneur who is solving planning problems for creative entrepreneurs. While working at a non-profit, Kathryn was burned out and ready for a change. She wanted a […]

Questions Answered in this Episode How do I run a photography business, my membership programs, and my podcast in 15 hours? What are some of the tools and tricks I use to get everything done in the amount of time I have? I’ve already talked a little bit about how I keep my work week […]

PODCAST IFRAME HERE Questions Answered in this Episode What are some easy tips for YouTube beginners? How can you use YouTube to grow your business? Do you need a big list of subscribers to make money through YouTube? Show Notes This week on the podcast I have YouTube strategist for creatives Trena Little. I have […]

Focus on Our Ideal Outcomes More than We Focus on Our Problems Lately, I have been learning all things Facebook ads and writing sales copy. You guys know this has been a pain point for me! I realized this week, after some coaching sessions and speaking with my team, I realized how important it is […]