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Messy Success Episode 21 – Gift Ideas for the Entrepreneur or Hustling Mom

Show Notes

This week is my holiday gift guide for the entrepreneurs in your life! Last year I did a Gift Guide for Photographers and it was a huge hit, so this year, I’m excited to share my favorite gift for any kind of entrepreneur. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a mom with a side hustle, or you’re just getting started, we’re all busy and these are gifts that make the hustle a little bit easier. 

Gift Idea #1: Everything Spa Day and Self-Care

You can’t go wrong with anything that pertains to the spa. Gift cards, facials, lashes, massages, nails – self-care is so important! Some tips to remember: choose a spa close to home or work unless she has a spa she loves.   

Gift Idea #2: Essential Oils

I have recently started using essential oils and I love them! I’ve seen a huge difference in my overall wellness, improvement in my stress and anxiety levels, and a huge improvement in my skin. Invest in some good oils for the entrepreneur in your life. 

Gift Idea #3: On-Brand Stationary 

The entrepreneur in your life probably has specific, on-brand colors, themes, textures, and logos, for example. Anytime someone gives us a gift that resembles a brand, it’s so thoughtful! It means that you’re paying attention and it’s so thoughtful. These can even be a very expensive option!

Gift Idea #4: House Cleaning or Outsourcing Other Household Chores

The decision fatigue is real, y’all! We have to make so many decisions throughout the day as an entrepreneur, the last thing on your mind is house cleaning or laundry or taking care of you’re yard. Bite the bullet and gift outsourcing some of those tasks where you can. Hiring a house cleaner (my mother-in-law!) has been huge for me this year! 

Gift Idea #5: An Educational Opportunity

A workshop. A one-on-one meeting with someone they want to learn from. A class. A conference. Entrepreneurs and especially moms feel guilty when they think about investing back in themselves. It’s a great gift and really shows how much you believe in them and their business.

Gift Idea #6: Technology that Can Help Them Work

There are tons of platforms and tech that we use that can cost us money every year. It is a thoughtful and helpful gift to take whatever tool they need off their plate. 

Gift Idea #7: Be Supportive

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in ourselves and our passion. Sometimes we really believe in ourselves, but we need that support from the people in our lives. Listen to your partner, your best friend, your work bestie and encourage them in whatever it is they want to work on!

Gift Idea #8: Pictures!

Whether they’re branding pictures, family portraits, or flat lays, they are so important for the type of business we’re in! 

Gift Idea #9: Subscription Boxes

I love subscription boxes because they are the gifts that keep on giving throughout the year. There are plenty of subscription boxes that are geared toward entrepreneurs but think about what she loves and find a subscription box geared toward that interest. 

Gift Ideas #10 and beyond from Instagram! 

Right before I began recording this podcast, I asked my followers on Instagram for some additional ideas. You guys had some great ones! Here’s the full list: 

  • Quarterly car detailing
  • Facial
  • Flash for camera
  • Power Sheets or anything Lara Casey
  • The Ultimate Year Workshop ticket
  • Home office decor
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • DSLR
  • Coffee gift cards
  • Podcast equipment

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