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Messy Success Episode 28: The Coffee Chat Debate

Questions Answered in this Episode

  • When someone says they’d like to “pick your brain” and take you out to coffee, how do you react?
  • Is it ever okay to ask another entrepreneur out for advice?
  • Is it okay to say no if someone asks you?

Show Notes

A common topic of discussion among entrepreneurs and other professionals. I think there’s a lot of negative energy around this – it’s easy to feel taken advantage of when someone wants to “pick our brain,” but they’re not offering anything in return. As entrepreneurs, our time is money and we have to use our time wisely.

That being said, there’s something to be said for the personal connections that we can get through coffee dates. I was pleasantly surprised when I asked my Messy Squad community (join here!) about this topic. Most people said that they were open to coffee dates or lunches, but it was all in how people asked.

If you’re the person asking to go on a coffee date with someone, really think about what you’re asking. Are you being respectful of the other person’s time? Are you offering anything in return?

In the episode I go into more details about when it’s okay to ask, what you should keep in mind when you ask, and if you’re the one being asked out to coffee, how can you say no?

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