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Messy Success Episode 29: Behind the Scenes of My Podcast Launch

Questions Answered in this Episode

  • How did I launch the Messy Success Podcast?
  • How did my community contribute to the success of Messy Success?

Show Notes

People regularly ask how I launched Messy Success, so I thought it was time for us to talk about it! A lot of different things went into the success of my podcast, but the most important one was, of course, my community.

Unlike some of my other projects, I put a lot of work into preparing to launch Messy Success. I had my web designer put together a website for the podcast, I had the art for the show professionally designed, and I started the podcast with three episodes already recorded.

The three episodes you start out with are important, too. My first episode was about my story and how I got started as an entrepreneur. I was surprised how much this episode resonated with and continues to resonate with listeners! In the second episode, I interviewed three of my business besties about everything business. This was great because they were able to share the episodes with their followers as well. Finally, the third episode was about some of my unpopular opinions.

But doing all of that work on the podcast and having those episodes ready to go wouldn’t have mattered if I didn’t have a community of people who were eager to listen and share my podcast. Over the last six years, I’ve been building business relationships and sharing parts of my story. I’ve built up this community around my brand and I encourage you to do the same!

In this episode, I go into a lot more detail about how you can build that community around your brand over time. You don’t need to have 10,000 followers on Instagram (I definitely don’t!) to have a community around your brand. But you can’t just jump online and expect people to share what you’re doing if you haven’t already done the work to create that community!

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