EEEK!  I can’t believe that today is launch day for Creatives Live Happy!  I know that I have been throwing around the term “live happy”  and Creatives Live Happy hashtags and fun stuff for a WHILE.   Well it has all been intentional; building up to this big new thing!   Well big in my […]

There has been so much buzz about Instagram lately.   IG is really ‘all the rage’ right now for businesses, especially since Facebook has made it extremely difficult for us.   What seems to be the most common debate is that now people are “cleaning up” their IG feeds….making it more branded, and more professional.    Some […]

So I know that I made the BIG announcement a little while back that I am now full-time!  No more day job, I’m my own boss and that is it!   I’m often asked the “why” and “how did you know it was time”  type of questions…..or just the plain “HOW DID YOU DO IT”. […]

I remember when I first started my business 2.5 years ago.  I signed up for my business email account.    I remember it very clearly… getting my business license, trying to convince myself I could do this. It was not until last summer, about this time, that I really started to get email.  That is […]

I can’t believe this time has come. My theme for our Art classroom this year was “Capture Your Dreams.”   I truly believe my job as a teacher is to teach my students that they can accomplish anything.   The job of a teacher is so much bigger than the curriculum or subject matter.   […]

Last Saturday night I hosted a LulaRoe pop up party by my friend Tatiana!   Let me first say that typically when it comes to these “buy stuff” kinda parties, I usually run for the hills.  BUT when I heard cute clothes that come to ME… I was totally on board!   I never have […]

The underdog athlete has to work hard, especially if they want to make it and persevere in the tough world of athletics.   Speed….height… there are so many factors that can not be changed or fixed, but can be over come. I’m going to share Brandon’s story today…. I taught him as a freshman so […]