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Messy Success Episode 20 – The Shine the Light Challenge


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Show Notes

Today is a special episode! I’m so excited to talk about my Shine the Light Challenge, which I’ll be hosting for the second time on Facebook. Before I launched the podcast, I did this challenge in May and it was a huge hit. I’m so pumped to launch this challenge again, especially right before the holidays!

What is the Shine the Light Challenge?

We all have this little superpower to change someone’s day. Every morning we wake up, we have an opportunity to spread kindness, positive words, and encouragement to others. We’ve all had rough days, especially as entrepreneurs, but have you ever had one person completely turn that day around with one word, review, or comment? The Shine the Light challenge is one week of daily challenges in a pop-up group on Facebook with opportunities to shine the light on other people. Stop. Slow down. Pay attention to what other people in your community are doing. Let your followers know about it!

I’ve talked about this before, but when you are shining the light on other people, this actually benefits your business! Whether that’s through making new connections with other people in your industry or simply putting out positivity in a way that attracts new clients or even just making you feel more confident in what you’re doing! It is crazy how opening our hearts just a little bit online can also help attract our ideal clients AND make someone’s day… it is a win win!

The party starts on Monday, December 10th, but I’ve already activated the group and I’m starting to post in there today. I hope to see you there and I can’t wait to see who you Shine the Light on! 

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