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Questions Answered in this Episode How do I run a photography business, my membership programs, and my podcast in 15 hours? What are some of the tools and tricks I use to get everything done in the amount of time I have? I’ve already talked a little bit about how I keep my work week […]

PODCAST IFRAME HERE Questions Answered in this Episode What are some easy tips for YouTube beginners? How can you use YouTube to grow your business? Do you need a big list of subscribers to make money through YouTube? Show Notes This week on the podcast I have YouTube strategist for creatives Trena Little. I have […]

Focus on Our Ideal Outcomes More than We Focus on Our Problems Lately, I have been learning all things Facebook ads and writing sales copy. You guys know this has been a pain point for me! I realized this week, after some coaching sessions and speaking with my team, I realized how important it is […]

Questions Answered in this Episode How can you write compelling copy to launch and sell your new products? How can you stay organized when you’re a creative entrepreneur? Show Notes What are the most common mistakes you see in copywriting? Assuming that you know what your clients want or need without going out and asking […]

Questions Answered in this Episode How do we define what makes us stand out as entrepreneurs? Show Notes What is our story, what’s our purpose, what makes us different? The next time someone asks you this, I want you to have your story ready. What is the bigger picture of why you do what you […]