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Questions Answered in this Episode What is maternity leave going to look like for me as an entrepreneur this time? What does it look like making friends as an adult? As an entrepreneur? Maternity Leave for Entrepreneurs You’ll probably notice that things are going to look a little bit different around here in the next […]

Questions Answered in this Episode What are the key takeaways I’ve learned after one year of podcasting? What are the challenges of starting a podcast? Podcast Successes Faster Connections: It’s been so much easier to connect with my audience in a quicker way. The people that listen have become a part of my community more […]

Questions Answered in this Episode Why should you focus on optimizing your website? What’s one tool you should make sure you have on your website? A Traditional Education Isn’t the Only Path to Entrepreneurship One thing that I love about Mariah is that she fearlessly jumped into entrepreneurship after completing only one semester of college. […]

Questions Answered in This Episode How can you find that elusive work-life balance? (It’s not what you think!) We’re Going About Work-Life Balance All Wrong As women, we’re often searching for that elusive idea of work-life balance, especially as creative entrepreneurs. Our work life can so easily start to creep into our family life and […]

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Questions Answered in this Episode How can you use planning to achieve your goals? What does planning look like for type B creative entrepreneurs? Kathryn Hofer is an amazing entrepreneur who is solving planning problems for creative entrepreneurs. While working at a non-profit, Kathryn was burned out and ready for a change. She wanted a […]