Maddison turns ONE!!! Maddison Parker Henson

Maddison turned one on March 24th and we celebrated with our family.  She smashed and ate her adorable cake by Mark’s sister Rachel, owner of Rachel Bakes.  Maddison started walking the week of her birthday and now, almost two weeks later she’s repeating a few more words… or trying to!  She’s doing so many amazing and cute things I can’t even keep up!  She’s still known for her curls everywhere we go and her teacher’s at daycare LOVE her.  She’s such a good girl and gives other kids toys when they are upset.  She still screams at the top of her lungs when Mark or I get home after being gone, or when I pick her up from school she wakes any child that might be snoozing.  She’s a great sleeper, plays by herself (sometimes), and loves to eat strawberries for days!  She will smack your hand away if you try to take them from her.

I had no idea what having a second child would be like.  It still blows my mind in the best way how different Maddison and Gracie are.  Gracie LOVES her sister and I couldn’t ask for more out of that little relationship.  Gracie kisses Maddison goodnight, makes sure she doesn’t fall, and will run across the house for the paci if Maddison is upset.  The fill our hearts every day!

Happy First Birthday to our Maddison Parker aka “Mads”