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I met Lindsey when we took ring dance pictures last spring!!  Lindsey is an athletic trainer and has played softball for many years!   She is quiet, and laid back, with this subtle beauty about her…. I love it!    In these pictures however it is not so subtle…. she rocked her senior photo shoot!!!  I […]

I know in the past I have blogged about why I actually enjoy working with family and friends.  Sometimes it can be difficult to mix business and friendship.   However, I have always loved it. Working with students is a whole other side of business that I absolutely love.   I love taking our relationship […]

senior pictures

Everyone at Ocean Lakes High School, from teachers to students, LOVE Sammi!    She is so sweet and kind to EVERYONE!   I have heard stories from teachers who have seen her do kind things for others even when she has no idea people are watching.   I think one of the stories, a teacher was […]

I love that this is my second year capturing prom for some special ladies!    When Mia asked me to take pictures for her group SO far in advance I was thrilled!   The group was HUGE, 43 kids!  WOW!!   The girls were all so beautiful it was breathtaking.   I could not get […]

Oceanfront Prom

I can’t believe these adorable sweet twins are graduating!   It seems like yesterday I was begging their older sister, Devin, to get them to play field hockey.   I love this family so much, these are the kind of girls that made me love coaching so much, and they made it so hard to […]