Questions Answered in this Episode What makes a leader? How does our impact matter more than our intentions? How can we be more intentional on social media and in our everyday interactions? Show Notes Impact vs. Intention with Leadership Coach Jen Baggett In Episode 3, I introduced the topic of Impact vs. Intention. We all […]

Questions Answered in this Episode How do we get over comparison on social media? How can we avoid removing the triggers for comparison (unfollowing other creatives) while supporting our peers?   Show Notes The Messy Gap Between Confidence and Comparison Let’s talk about the messy gap between confidence and comparison. In this episode, I dig […]

What We Talk About in this Episode Relationships in business: valuable friendships can leverage your success. If you already have a business besty: how to navigate those relationships and make them work for everyone. If you don’t have a business besty yet: how can you find one?   Show Notes What is a business besty? […]

Questions Answered in this Episode Where did I start on my journey to becoming an entrepreneur? “You have to do what you love and find a way to make a living doing it. Don’t just do what you’re expected to do.” LOVE that mom advice that sticks with you!!! What did my journey to entrepreneurship […]

YAY!  I’m so excited to share Becky & James’s adorable engagement session!  We shot at Mimosa Barn in Cape Charles Virginia, then headed over to the beach.  I loved getting to know them AND we had pretty much epic weather for a July night.   I knew right away from our emails that I was going […]